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Advertising on Romulus 2

  • All rates are expressed in cost per thousand (CPM) impressions and in US dollars.
  • The minimum order is for 10,000 impressions.
  • All accounts are payable in advance and may be made either in US dollars or in UK pounds sterling (at current exchange rate - see our Currency Converter for a rough guide).

Ad Specifications & Rate Card

Ad Units


File Size

Cost (CPM)


468 x 60 pixels

16K Max

$ 14.50


110 x 130 pixels

8K Max

$ 9.50

Buttons (large)

88 x 62 pixels

5K Max

$ 5.50

Buttons (small)

88 x 31 pixels

5K Max

$ 4.50


  • We cannot accept ad creative containing JavaScript.
  • All ads must open a fresh browser window.

Please contact us for further information.

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