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Romulus 2 Feedback Arena Awards

Gold Award

The Romulus 2 Feedback Arena Awards will be presented annually to the top performers in each category in recognition of their achievement.

Three awards are given in each category: a Gold Award to first place and a Choice Award to each of the two runners-up (in second and third places).


Choice Award

How the winners are selected . . .
The winners are chosen by the users of this site as follows:

Gold Stars:

Gold Star Ranking

Suppliers which reach the top five positions on the ranking chart for their category are automatically granted gold stars to the right of their name on their page, provided they also meet the following conditions:

  • Possess minimum number of votes in past year
  • Overall Rating is 6 points or more
  • The supplier has not been archived

Five stars are granted for first place, four stars for second place and so on, down to one star for the supplier ranked in fifth place.


The gold stars act as indicators of likely candidates for the Romulus 2 Feedback Arena Awards as the selection of award winners is directly based on them.

Gold Award

Each year, in each category, the Gold Award will be presented to the supplier with five stars and the Choice Award will go to those with four and three stars. (There are currently no awards for suppliers with two or single stars.)

Note: Use of the Romulus 2 Feedback Arena Awards images is strictly prohibited unless authorised and until the winners are officially notified. The receipt of gold stars does not automatically entitle that supplier to use of the Awards image. The Romulus 2 Feedback Arena Awards are presented separately on an annual basis.

The next presentation of the Awards is scheduled for September 2003.


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