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Feedback Arena Showcase Accounts

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Keeping one step ahead of the competition ...

Showcase Spot

Feedback Arena offers an opportunity to use the most effective type of advertising there is - direct targeting to a specialist community, guaranteeing that the people who see your ads are the very people who are most likely to respond.

Nearly all the people who visit Feedback Arena each day are looking specifically for the kind of products or services that you offer. There are hundreds of suppliers listed here but you can give your firm an enormous advantage by taking out a Showcase Account.

Thousands of prospective customers visit Feedback Arena every week. What suppliers are they most likely to be impressed by? A firm that takes an active part in customer relations or one that apparently can't be bothered?

A Showcase Account:

  • Makes your firm stand out from the crowd
  • Proves your firm cares what its customers think
  • Provides extra contact details for your firm
  • Allows dynamic content straight from your site
  • Gives detailed view of each review for your firm
  • Alerts you by email if your firm gets a poor review
  • And more ... (see below)


Showcase Strip

... and showing you care about your customer service

Standard Showcase | Accent Showcase | Terms

Standard Showcase
The Standard Showcase includes:

Strip HTML Advert:

Want to bring a bit of your site onto ours amd show prospective buyers what you have to offer? This 610 x 75 pixel IFRAME space will pull HTML (with images, text, links) directly from your own website or server. You have complete control.

Strip HTML Advert
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Use that space to highlight special offers, show a sample of your products, attract customers.

Strip Information Box:

Our reviews page says nothing about your firm except the name and URL. The more users know about you, the more you stand out and the more likely they are to trust you, contact you and buy.

Strip Information Box
Click to enlarge

The Information Box can include your address, telephone number, fax number, email and business hours. Or leave any field blank which you do not want to include (e.g. if you leave the fax number blank, even the heading "Fax:" will not display).

View Ratings:

Take advantage of a private view to see not just a vague Overall Rating but a detailed breakdown of the ratings for each review posted for your firm since 1 March 2003. Find out precisely how individual consumers rate your firm for each factor and discover your weak or strong points.

View Ratings
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Email Alert:

Email Alert gives you the option to specify an Overall Rating and receive an automated email alert immediately someone posts a review for your firm which is below that level. Show you care by being quick on the scene.

Email Alert
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Using your username and password you will have access to your Showcase Account control panel where you can instantly edit all aspects of your account.

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Accent Showcase
In addition to all the features of the Standard Showcase, the Accent Showcase gives:

Main Page Spot
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Spot Advert:

Want to really grab attention? This 125 x 50 pixel button displays your logo on the Main Page, the Chart Page, the Search Page and the FAQ Page and links straight to the reviews page for your firm.

Only eight spots in total are currently available and their relative positions are selected randomly each time a page is loaded. Spots will be booked three months in advance, so grab your opportunity for maximum exposure now.

Your Showcase Account control panel will indicate the number of Views for strips and both Views and Clicks for spots.

Chart Page Spot
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Showcase Terms

Minimum three-month term.

Please contact us for further details and pricing.


For more information on Feedback Arena, see the FAQ.

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