Save time having to define how colours appear on your web pages with this handy little utility. 

Andrew Albrighton



This little Freeware utility by Shazron Abdullah is very handy at producing the hexadecimal code needed for text and background colours on  web pages. The user can define the colours of the background, normal text, hyperlinks, verified hyperlinks and visited links. The utility then produces the code, which can be added to HTML files. Colorhexer also allows web pages to be modified automatically by loading them straight through the interface.

Users can select the colours needed for the different elements in two ways. The first is a simple palette option which features both a basic colour palette and the 16 million colour palette. The second option allows a user to select the RGB values of the colours.

The program also features a comprehensive help file, which should answer queries a user may have.

Colorhexer is Freeware and is available for download from

In conclusion, this a "no-frills" program that gets the job done quickly and simply, and as result I award this a 4 star rating.

System Requirements:

  • Windows 95
  • 1MB Hard Disk Space

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