We zoom in for a close look at the "snazzy snapper" from Fuji

FujiFilm MX-2900 Zoom
Sadie Beard


Compared to other digital cameras in its price range, the Fuji MX-2900, with its extensive features and handling, is positively impressive.

The traditional SLR camera shape makes it comfortable to hold and, unlike the smaller varieties of digital camera, its features are easily manipulated. This camera is so simple to use that even without any knowledge of cameras - digital or otherwise - you'll be snapping pictures in seconds. I didn't even refer to the manual to change the lens!

This 2.3 megapixel camera is capable of an astounding 1800 x 1200 picture resolution, while the relatively large 2" TFT-LCD screen at the back is great for previewing your shots, editing your pictures, applying digital effects or viewing the numerous menu options. For the more discerning photographer there are enough features to make this the camera of choice. The presence of an external hot-shoe for when the built in flash is not enough, the ability to change lenses or apply lens filters with a simple twist and with full manual control over aperture and shutter speed, and auto or manual focus means that there is plenty to satisfy any budding David Bailey.

You want to know about colour reproduction? Well, I'm no expert photographer but I found the camera handled the transition between indoor and outdoor really well, giving nice clean colours. The only time I tried the flash out was in the office and being surrounded by monitors (highly reflective to flashes) didn't provide the best conditions for a test! I found that I didn't really need a flash indoors generally though as the quality of the pics was fine without ( it depends on what sort of quality your looking for; professional photographers would probably use the hotshoe). Outdoors the colours were exceptionally good; my mum was especially pleased with the way the flowers came out in her garden!

There is a 7.5x zoom (5x optical and 2.5x digital) for those long shots you just have to take and a huge array of accessories to make this a superb addition to anyone's shopping basket. While there are cheaper cameras on the market, you would be hard pushed to find one with so many features as the Fuji MX-2900 for the same modest price.

I would give the camera four stars, losing one for the noisy auto focus.


  • 2.3 million pixel CCD
  • 1800 x1200 image resolution
  • 7.5 x zoom (3 x fujinon optical zoom + 2.5 x digital zoom)
  • Auto and manual focus
  • Optical viewfinder
  • 2" TFT-LCD monitor with brightness control
  • RISC processors and on board DRAM
  • TIFF uncompressed mode
  • 3 levels of JPG compressed format
  • Manual aperture control
  • Manual shutter speed control
  • Exposure compensation; -0.9EV/+1.5EV
  • White balance
  • Built-in flash and external hot-shoe attachment

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