Is there a good reason not to have a BIG monitor?

They're cheaper than ever - but are the cheap ones any good?

Hansol 900P
David Knell

This time last year, 17" monitors were the beeís knees. Now, with a range of 19" models like this one offered by Hansol becoming more and more affordable, last yearís goliaths are beginning to look a little on the small side.

Hansol, a Korean-based company, hit the UK market only a year or so ago. Are they to be trusted? Letís have a look:

The picture is reasonably sharp and clear and geometry was right on target - nice, straight lines. Focus remained uniformly good, even into the extreme corners. The slight trapezoid distortion was simply corrected by the OSD control. The moire effect was reduced (though not entirely banished) by the same method.

Bad points? Colour intensity is not up to the best standards and the single turn-button for OSD is somewhat fiddly and awkward. The screen has a slightly curved surface - not exactly goldfish bowl but noticeable. Perhaps the most obvious concessions to cost-cutting, even before switching the monitor on, are the captive signal cable (a pain to replace if itís faulty) and the lack of USB ports often found on better monitors.

Letís be quite clear. The Hansol 900P is not in the same league as a Sony or Iiyama. But then, neither is itís price. With its reflection-free and clear picture, its attractive cabinet and a 3-year on-site warranty, the 900P is not a bad buy.



  • 19" screen with 18" viewable screen area
  • 0.26 dot pitch
  • Maximum resolution 1600 x 1200 @ 75Hz
  • 5 language in screen display
  • Fully Windows 95 and 98 compatible
  • MPR II standard with TCO 99 option
  • PC and Mac compatible
  • Three year on site warranty standard in EU

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