No more excuses to fiddle at the back of your PC !

We check out the Platinum.

SoundBlaster Live! Platinum
David Knell

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Determined to stay at the forefront of PC audio, Creative Labs cannot be accused of being complacent. Their SoundBlaster Live! sound card has been praised left, right, centre and, if you take surround sound into account, behind you as well. However, not content with that, Creative has gone one better - the SoundBlaster Live! Platinum.

The card itself is the excellent Live! in its latest edition but what makes the Platinum package very special is the Live! Drive, a nifty module that fits into one of your vacant 5.25" drive bays (assuming you have any spare).

A stroke of true genius this! Tired of fumbling around at the back of your PC trying to change speakers, shove in a mic or plug in your headphones? The Live! Drive gives you easy front access. Among the goodies, you’ll find optical digital in/out, coaxial digital in/out, analog in/out and jacks for mic and headphones.

The Platinum hardware is complemented by a great range of software. In addition to the usual SoundBlaster stocking fillers, the package includes ‘lite’ versions of Steinberg’s Cubasis VST, WaveLab and ReCycle. Also, there are Mixman Studio, Sound Forge XP and an MP3 encoder. The retail version even throws in some decent games.

Overall, an excellent addition to your PC.



  • EMU10K processor
  • 64-voice polyphony
  • Up to 1024-voice polyphony with multi-timbre capability
  • user-definable wave-table
  • 48 MIDI channels
  • Environmental Audio
  • S/PDIF In (RCA/coaxial jack)
  • S/PDIF Out (RCA/coaxial jack)
  • Headphone Out (1/4" stereo jack with volume control)
  • Line In (1/4" stereo jack with shared Microphone In)
  • Microphone In (1/4" jack with gain control)
  • MIDI In (standard DIN)
  • MIDI Out (standard DIN)

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