Petrie Museum, London
Over 1,000 lamps from Egypt. (Click on 'Search the Online Catalogue' and enter 'lamp' as object type.)

Museo Biassono, Italy
Le Lucerne Antiche, online coverage of exhibition (Italian).

Clark Collection, Ripon College, USA
Old (1909) catalogue of over 60 lamps.

Cesnola Collection, Harvard, USA
Collection of lamps from Cyprus in the Semitic Museum. (Choose 'Lamp' in the drop-down list for 'Shape'.)

Musées de Poitiers, France
Lumières de l'Antiquité, selection of lamps with brief summary (French).

Oil Lamps from the Holy Land, Adler Collection, Israel
Detailed catalogue of lamps from Syro-Palestine region.

Nakayama & Orsetti Collections, Japan
Online coverage of exhibition in Tokyo.

British Museum, London
Compass online database of some items. (Enter 'lamp' in 'Search the collections'.)

Ihnasya: Lamps, London
Small selection of Egyptian lamps from the Petrie Museum (see link above).

Oil Lamps, University of Haifa, Israel
Brief summary of lamps found in Israel.

International Lychnological Association
Association for knowledge of pre-modern lighting devices. Extensive bibliography and links.

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