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Adjusting Monitor Refresh Rates

P. D. Barnett

Continued from Page One
Once again, a window with different tabs appears. Select the tab marked Adapter (most will differ in some way from the one shown left but they will all have a tab marked Adapter).

The part relevant to refresh rates is marked near the bottom of this window and is where any adjustments can be made. This is done by clicking, with the left mouse button, on the small arrow at the right of the box marked "Refresh rate", which will then show the choices of refresh rate available. Select the one required and then click the button marked Apply.

A box will appear giving dire warnings about damage to the equipment (see our Warning at the beginning of this article). As long as your monitor is correctly installed and identified by the OS there is no need to be unduly disturbed.

There follows, guess what, another box which explains that Windows will restore the original settings if nothing else is done. So press the button marked OK, whereupon a question box will ask if the changed setting is okay. If the screen is clear, then clicking "Yes" is safe. The display orientation may be misaligned; however this can normally be adjusted directly on the monitor itself.

After this, any boxes remaining open can be closed by clicking OK. When the last one has been closed, there may come a message that the computer must be restarted. Just agree to this and the job is done!

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