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Concise Guide Series

Building your own PC

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Part Four (b):

Putting your machine together

Getting it together

Now carefully restore the case side with the motherboard back in place.

Once this is done, insert your memory modules in the slots provided, going from closest to the CPU outwards, making sure you check that the notches on the DIMMs are aligned. When seated, the white clips come up to and into the small notches on the side of the DIMMs.

Adding your cards

Now its time to seat your cards. These can be anything from sound cards, Ethernet\LAN cards right through to graphics and MPEG decoder cards. Most modern motherboards will have (starting from the bottom upwards) one or two 8-bit ISA slots (black), three to five PCI slots (white) and one AGP slot (brown). In this demonstration we will be adding 1x soundcard, 1x modem, 1x AGP graphics card.
My preference is to start with the card that sits at the bottom of the case, which is in this case an ISA modem. Offer the modem over the appropriate slot and then carefully remove the pressed metal slot cover. Seat the modem in the slot and fix with the screw.

Following the above steps, do the same for the sound card and AGP graphics card. Your case should now look something like this illustration.

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